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What is Lalals?

An award-winning AI voice changer and enhancer.

Voice to Voice

Make any voice recording sound like your selected voice.​

Text to Voice

Let your selected voice speak the word you tell them to.

Cover Song

Create your own AI song by providing us a song and we’ll replace the voice with your selected artist.

All Languages Supported

Our AI is trained to handle every major language in the world.


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Our in-House AI development team is largely based in Munich, a city on the global forefront of AI technology.

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People around the world are creating using Lalals.


Drake’s voice on a techno sounds just insane! I created one myself just with my own voice and a sick beat


I created super cool song covers myself as if they were sung by Billie Eillish and many more:) You need to try around a little to get it perfect


Had some artifacts with some voices but the support actually updated these models a few days later, now it’s pretty damn good


Really happy with the investment. The voice changer is of really high quality, proper quality you can work with.


As a vocalist, I love how Lalals lets me experiment with different styles. I can really see the potential and already make songs with other voices


I didn’t expect it to work so well with my voice. Some voices work better than others tho. Truly mind-blowing tech, can fully recommend


I was skeptical about AI but Lalals blew my mind. I can bring back my favorite singers like Michael Jackson. Love it!


Lalals is revolutionary for sure. Now I can create tracks featuring some of my favorite artists.


I can now create a Drake song using my own voice. This technology is just next level and it works like a charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Lalals.

Lalals is an AI technology company that lets you transform your vocals into any voice of your choice, even those of celebrities. Our AI algorithm ensures that you get the highest quality of vocals that sound very real and human-like. AI Vocals are the future.

You can change your voice into any vocals of the best artists. You can use the recording and share it with your friends and the world. You can go beyond with paid plans and release your work everywhere.

You’ll get your file in the best 44.1 kHz WAV audio quality. Due to our new Bluewaters AI algorithm, you will also benefit from an AI vocal without unwanted noises and sounds. Quality is our priority.

Lalals uses advanced AI algorithms to transform your voice into the voice of your choice. You simply upload your audio recording to our platform and select the voice you want to transform it into. Our AI algorithms take care of the rest, giving you a high-quality audio recording in no time.

Yes! Our paid service allows for commercial use, so you can release your transformed vocals on platforms like Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and more. With Lalals, the sky’s the limit for your creative potential.

Yes, we ensure that our service is compliant and legal and our AI voices are only trained with legal material.

We recently released our new AI algorithm Version 2.1 named “Bluewaters”, which has doubled processing speed, improved quality, 4x less artifacts, and more real sounding voices compared to the initial version 1.0 of our vocal service.

Bluewaters AI

Our latest and fastest algorithm for best results.

Join Lalals and use our hyper-realistic voice converter now.