Clone Any Voice with AI

Provide at least 10 minutes of clean voice recordings to create your own custom AI voice.
You can use your AI voice clone to let it sing, rap, speak, sing cover songs and act as a voice changer.

Clone your voice

Upload a zip file containing audio files (WAV or MP3) of at least 10 minute of clean audio recordings.

Using Your AI Voice

Your AI voice will have all features any usual AI voice will have on Lalals. Convert any voice to sound like your AI model’s voice.
Input audio
Output audio

Use Cases

Limitless possibilities with your cloned voice.

Music Production

Create music with your AI voice and experiment unleash the possiblilities.


Replicate a character’s voice if the original actor is no longer available and cut costs.


Dub Movies and TV-Show into other languages with the original tone of voice.


Talk in podcasts as your cloned voice.

Singing and Rapping

Outsource your own voice to a more cost effective rapper or vocalist, who can then sound exactly like your cloned voice.

Access in your Lalals Account

Only you can access your AI model, but you can choose to make it public.

Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about AI Voice Cloning.

Simply upload your zip dataset containing MP3 and WAV files of voice recordings. Once you start training, it will take a few hours to complete and it will run through multiple steps of optimization algorithms to ensure a great result. The finished voice will then show up in your account. It will have the same functionality as any other voice in Lalals.

Only you can access the model inside your account, but you can make it public and share it to other Lalals users. They will only be able to access your model with a link then.
Sure! A 10-minute recording usually works well, but you can provide us with up to an hour of audio which can make the results even better.
Yes, just like using any other AI voice on our website.
Yes, make sure to provide clean audio of the same person talking, singing or rapping without any background noise or music. Make sure there is no overlapping singing, such as harmonies – then the result can be near perfection!
Upload at least 10 minutes of the voice talking, singing or rapping. Make sure the audio quality is free of background noise and that there are no overlapping voices such as harmonies.

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